Xcel Diagram Xcel Research Consulting, Inc. is a public health consulting organization that helps develop solutions for your community’s unique health challenges. Using community assessments, data analysis, and implementation, Xcel will work with you to determine the greatest health priority needs, the current capacity of your organization and the community overall. Utilizing an approach that integrates business solutions, science and technology with organizational, social and community capacity, Xcel ensures your plan will deliver sustainable health solutions while remaining culturally relevant throughout the process.

Those who provide grants and community funds to address health challenges increasingly want data-driven results so they can know that the projects they fund are making a difference in the communities served. Hiring a consulting organization like Xcel to assist with data collection, analysis, and implementation ensures that you can spend more of your time doing the work you want to do to improve the community’s health outcomes..

What types of health priorities can Xcel help you to address?

  • Prevent substance abuse and its related consequences
  • Identify and reduce preventable disease risks, like diabetes and certain types of cancer (among others)
  • Identify social and cultural factors that impact community and individual health
  • Prevent and manage chronic disease conditions
  • Increase health literacy and knowledge for individuals, organizations and communities
  • Promote work site health and wellness
How does Xcel help with these issues?
  • Gathering data through multiple means, including community surveys, focus groups, stakeholder interviews and more (customized to your community needs)
  • Analysis of data to determine project strengths and outcomes, as well as areas to improve for even better results
  • Translation of science/technology, research and health data into useable information for communities, thereby helping funders and other key stakeholders understand the value of your project and its outcomes